About the brand

The Organic Nerd Company is set up with a vision that beauty is for all regardless of your age, gender or race. We create skin and personal care products at an exceptional quality. All products are derived from organic ingredients like plant extracts and rich botanical oils. We focus on creating pure, organic and natural solutions that work. Our mission is to bring natural and nourishing beauty and personal care products with organically procured ingredients. Our products are procured, produced, packaged, and shipped to each one of you in a way that has no impact on the environment. We pore over every little detail, so you can enjoy all the benefits, worry free.

About the founders

The Organic Nerd Company is founded by Gurleen Rawal under the guidance of her mother. Gurleen grew up using only natural and botanical products made by her mother and grandmother at home when the skincare & beauty industry was taken over by big brands with products full of harmful chemical ingredients. Which channeled her fear and frustration with the beauty industry into research—and a passion for creating pure, potent, and proven products that are good for people and the planet. A mother-daughter duo embarked on a journey to find natural beauty enhancers and the byproduct is in your hands with simple routines that are easy to follow and equally effective . We are passionate about sharing our skin, body and hair solutions with everyone else.

Our Promises

The brand promises that the no product contains synthetic pesticides, animal testing or cruelty. The product packaging is plastic positive and has no impact on the environment. All our products are certified organic and natural, that are not only good for you but also the planet. Products are nurtured with love, care & trust with an aim to become a go to source for all.